This is What Happens When You Decide To Create Your Own Food Security


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If you’re fed up reading labels in the grocery store trying to find some real food that won’t kill you, I feel your pain. Not to worry, there is a solution and it’s awesome. The truth is, you don’t need to depend on food corporations or the government to keep you healthy. Why would you want to anyways?

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Planter Boxes Made Easy

Want to grow the healthiest vegetables you’ve ever eaten? Use this simple technique with straw and hay to yield amazing results.

20130408_170103When we started considering installing raised garden boxes around our property we had no idea which method to use. In fact, we were actually over saturated with information on every conceivable design and raised bed soil blend known to human kind. With so many options, we couldn’t decide which way to go until our good friend Betty Diehl, she of the amazing green thumb, came to our rescue. A few years back, Betty had helped us convert a section of our backyard from lawn to low-water plantings, based on a layering of alfalfa and straw, that had worked wonders on our old clay soil and reconditioned a huge area with practically no effort. Continue reading