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2013-04-23 10.55.00Hello and welcome to Our Urban Farm. We are a family living in Los Angeles, CA (Mar Vista, specifically) who are involved in an ongoing – and never ending, hopefully – project to convert our small property from typical 1950’s landscaping (lawns, flowers, and lots of water intensive plants) to a productive, drought tolerant, and low maintenance space. Where once most of our space was covered with lawn, for example, we have supplanted with native plants and garden boxes. It is our hope that we can inspire others in our community and beyond to discover the joys of growing healthy food, raising chickens, and enjoying the fruits of outdoor labor within the boundaries of everyday urban life and all its challenges.

As such, we invite you to not only learn from our experiences as we stumble from typical city dwellers to sophisticated country folk, but that you’ll assist us in this journey by sharing your own tips, tricks, and ways of the farm to help us along. We encourage any and all submissions and love to follow links to new and interesting places on the web and in real life. Perhaps we could interview you and share your own urban farming story? Don’t be shy!

Ian, Alicia, and Kealii Denchasy
Urban Farmers

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  1. Ian and Alicia,
    My girlfriends & i were a few of the last visitors to your home today@ the Green Garden tour. (You gave us onions, Alicia…, and thanks for that!). I appreciated your informative talk & love your website!
    Geri Marston

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