1964 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Restoration – Part 2

20130818_122009 In part one of my ongoing restoration project (involving our 1964 Aristocrat Lo-Liner camper/trailer), I discovered that simple fixes on 50 year old things are rarely that; and unfortunately what I hoped would be a repair confined to one corner of the camper turned out to reveal damage throughout the entire structure. This had me peeling off the outer aluminum skin piece by piece (held in place by about a million rusty staples), pulling out the entire kitchen area in the front, and removing the bed supports which had pulled away from the outer walls. Once exposed, I discovered wood rot along almost the entire bottom half and undersides, with further damage up each corner to the ceiling. Continue reading

1964 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Restoration Begins…


2013-06-13 14.28.57

Our 1964 Lo-Liner just prior to tear down. Behind it is a 1950’s Shasta canned ham trailer being restored by our friend, Joe.

The end of summer finally sees us undertaking a much needed restoration of our little 1964 Aristocrat Lo-Liner camper/trailer. We acquired it three summers ago via our friend Joe – aka The Secondhand Answer Man, who found her sitting in a garage in the north end of the San Fernando Valley, for $600.00. Since then, we’ve taken several trips, including a few to vintage trailer rallies as far as Pismo Beach, and some friends even towed it to Burning Man last summer for a christening of playa dust. Continue reading

My first mini bike project…

Azusa mini bike teardown.

Azusa mini bike teardown.

After moving into our little Mar Vista home back in 1997, I noticed an old mini bike sitting in our neighbor’s yard. It turned out to belong to the homeowner’s live-in son-in-law, who had it when he was a kid back in the late 1960’s. In fact, I myself owned one very similar as a 7 year old boy in the early 1970’s and learned the basics on how to rebuild small engines using my mini bike as a tutor, so to speak. When running (though highly illegal), I remember not only the absolute joy of riding it, but the satisfaction that came from building it myself (they came in kits back in those days). Continue reading